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We deliver educational videos and online teaching to both individuals and groups.

While staying at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19), parents and carers are concerned about their children’s education and the impact of missing school.

While some parents now act as teachers, many cannot provide the activities and feedback that a school would.

Parents and carers are trying their best to help children and support their learning; but this can be very challenging.

  • Most parents are not math teachers and should not be expected to know how to teach things they do not know. “There’s no way parents can replicate what’s happening in school unless they happen to be educators, and it’s not fair to expect them to,” says Lynne McClure, a trustee of the group and director of Cambridge Mathematics, a nonprofit that is building digital tools to hep improve math curricula.
  • Parents have to supervise online teachings to protect children from online harassment, pornography, bullying and even, the occassional distractions.
  • Some parents are not earning during this lockdown.
  • Other parents don't have the required gadgets and infrastructure like laptops, steady and affordable internet connections and constant power supply to enable their children/wards learn effectively online.

The goodnews? Join the mindbuilders community today. Even with our free videos and a moderate phone, your child can easily learn difficult topics with little or no assistance. The time spent online is also minimized.

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We welcome you to be among the successful parents who are adopting online teaching strategies to keep their children busy while staying at home to avoid contracting COVID-19.

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Follow the links on the video's page for an interactive quiz on the topics.
You can also give suggestions and make other requests through the comment section on the video's page.

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The materials we produce through our Free Package are available to all without charge.
Donations to support our educational activities may now be made online via cash transfer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions you may have.

  • Do I have to pay?

    Our free package contains loads of free stuff: quizzes, videos and assessments. For these, we shall always appreciate your kind donations to keep these things standard and for smooth running.
    Most parents are alright with the free weekly videos. However, you might want to complement this occassionally with our one-on-one online coaching.

  • We cater for both elementary and high schools.
    While most of our free stuff are for primary school pupils, you are free to request for particular classes, subjects and topics to be featured in consequent videos.

  • You need at least an internet enabled mobile phone.
    You can subscribe to our youtube channel.

  • Our online classes are very flexible. For the best experience, you need a laptop with Zoom App installed. Next, we'll need to agree on subject(s) and topic(s), date and time. We shall then send you a link to join the class.
    You can take advantage of the PROMO period.

  • For the free mode, you will always see a link to customized quizzes based on the topics taught.

    Online tutoring is a one-on-one session between the pupil and the teacher with an added feeling of being in the classroom. Hence they get all the teachings, assessments and help that they need online.

  • You can request for videos on WhatsApp from the link below. For a monthly token, you'll get access to our videos three times weekly.
    This consideration is only for pupils in elementary schools.

    Let us know if you prefer this mode of learning.. Please, send more information on this.

  • Schools can request for videos on different subjects ( e.g Mathematics) stating the class and topic. Since children are prone to short attention spans and tend to lose focus when teaching is going over 10 minutes, we usually keep our video between 10-minutes and 15 minutes.

    Schools can send these to their list of pupils so they can play them over and over again until they have learnt the concept.
    Your videos will be customized to your taste.